Bret Talley Comeback Award

Bret Talley Comeback Award

Bret Talley Comeback Award

The Bret Talley Comeback Award was created to provide funding for a deserving student who had to overcome adversity throughout their life in order to get back on the right track, and on the road to success.  A $1,000 award is available to students who fit the criteria and will be awarded to the winner of our essay contest.  Visit the application page for all the details.



Resilience is a quality that is highly regarded and necessary in life.  Some of the most successful people in life have been down and had to come back from a low point to become successful.  We would like to reward a person who has demonstrated resilience in life.


Many people give up when times get tough, and perseverance is what separates the successful people from those that aren’t.  Can you continue and power through difficult times when most people would quit?  We want to praise perseverance in a person.


Who is Eligibile

The Bret Talley Comeback Award is available to anyone who has suffered a major setback in their life, and has been able to overcome that setback to get back on the road to success.  Bret believes that everyone deserves a second chance, but it is not always easy for people who have fallen off-track in life.  When someone can get back on the road to success after major setbacks in life, this should be rewarded, because it is not as easy task.  The award is aimed toward students, but anyone who has had a setback in life is able to apply.  Bret would like to reward someone who displays the resilience a perseverance required to make a comeback in life.

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Bret understands the difficulty required to re-start your life when it has gone off-track.  Maybe it was substance abuse issues in the past, or incarceration, or an unhealthy childhood, or any other case that causes people to have setbacks in life, it should be rewarded and celebrated when a person is able to pick up the pieces and move forward towards a life of happiness and success.  Many people do not have the inner-strength to accomplish this, and stay in self-pity, so when there is a strong person that can learn from past mistakes or dilemmas, and move forward with passion, hard work, and self confidence, it is something to look up to and respect.

What Are We Looking For



Being able to come back in the face of defeat and continue on a road to success is a valuable trait and should be rewarded.


Never give up and continue to strive to do your best even when there are forces working against you.

Hard Work

Nothing makes up for hard work.  Put in the time and energy to get the things that you want out of life.


Success requires dedication to whatever you decide to do with your life.  Make your goals and continue until you exceed them.


Overcoming setbacks to achieve happiness and success requires strength.  Strength along with humility is a powerful combination.

Self Confidence

Believing in yourself is half the battle in life.  Knowing that you can accomplish your goals and having confidence without arrogance is key.

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If you need more information regarding our award, feel free to get in touch by using the form on the contact page.  Universities and schools who would like to collaborate with the Bret Talley Comeback Award can reach out to see how you can get involved.  We want to wish good luck to all of our applicants and wish you success on your path in life!

Have you had to come back from adversity on the road to success?

We are looking for resilient people who don't know how to quit. tell us your story for our essay contest to be eligibile.